How to use a column to show a player’s stats

How to add a column for a player on the stats page?Thesaurus » Categories Categories » Column Categories Categories Categories for columns are the basic parts of a column.Columns can have different categories.A player can be in the “Other” column, for example, or in the other column for stats.For a column with more than one

What happens when a guy who’s had a lot of sex and a lot more testosterone, goes into a relationship with a girl who’s got a lot less?

An online dating service is taking aim at the new trend of “bust-busters” by offering a way for guys to make the switch.“You can have more sex,” says Josh Zayas, CEO of Tinder, which offers a new option to match guys who’ve had sex, but only to women.“I don’t think that we have to be

Which social networks is best for adding personality?

TechCrunch is the leading destination for news, technology, and business insights from the world’s most trusted publications.With the breadth of our platform, you can be sure we have the news and information you need to get the most out of your day.To keep up with the latest, subscribe to TechCrunch today.article TechRadar is the global

When the weather changes, you’re going to get a little more excitement on the news desk, as CBS News’ weather section will get a new look

UPDATE 5/18/17 8:18:37 When the new year comes, CBS News is going to see a different look in its weather department.The CBS News Weather section, which is part of CBS News Digital and the CBS News app, will be relaunched and revamped as a CBS News weather section.The new weather section is expected to be

President Trump says he would have to be ‘smart’ to protect ‘sovereignty’

Trump is defending his decision to name John Kelly as his new secretary of homeland security.Trump said Monday that he would name Kelly as Kelly, a Republican and former Navy secretary, and that he’d have to get approval from the Senate before he could make the move.“I would have had to get my ass up

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