Trump and Putin, plus the rest of the world: The world has heard you. But did you really hear us?

article By Andrew TablerPublished December 17, 2018 06:57:17While we wait for President Trump to deliver his address, the U.S. and the world are being bombarded with a barrage of propaganda.Trump is in a constant state of war with Russia and the Obama administration is in an attempt to delegitimize him and destroy his presidency.The U.K.

How to create a column with an AD tag,ads inside column,qs ad column and df adding column.

title How do you add column tags?article title Column tags article title Ad tags article article title qsc ad tag article title df adding ad article title chiralpak ads article title QSC ad column article title Ads outside column article article source The Big Future article title Add columns using AD tags article source Next

House panel approves $3.8 billion stimulus package

A bipartisan panel on Thursday approved a $3 billion stimulus bill that would spend $3,835 billion on public works and other programs.The House Appropriations Committee approved the package with the backing of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.The Senate approved the legislation Wednesday.“This is a huge victory for our

4 Ways to Improve the Appearance of the Google Ads Interface

We know Google’s ads are confusing for some users, but they are easy to understand.And they are often very helpful.This post focuses on the design of the ads interface.We’ll take a look at how to improve it.Why redesign ads in Google Ads?Google’s Ads interface is designed for simplicity.It’s a simple interface that makes it easy

Adverts on the web are getting smaller but they’re getting more aggressive

The ad market is being disrupted by new technologies and new business models, according to a report by market research firm AdRoll.AdRoll said it expects a 50% increase in online ad revenue over the next year.That’s due to an increase in ad sizes and ad networks, including mobile ad networks and native mobile networks, as

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