How to write good ads in Google Ads with Google Ads Columns

Google Ads has long been a bit of a juggernaut.Since the Google AdWords launch in 2005, the company has been constantly adding new products and adding new features, with advertisers now spending a huge amount of time and effort in order to find and purchase ads.Advertisers love Google Ads because it allows them to focus

‘The Internet Is Not the Same Without You’: ‘You Don’t Need a Big-Billed Blogger to Get People to Like You’

It’s the first week of December, and while the new year is always a good time to get back into your writing mode, there are certain things that you should be keeping a close eye on.“The Internet is not the same without you,” reads one headline on The New York Times website.“You don’t need a

What happens when a guy who’s had a lot of sex and a lot more testosterone, goes into a relationship with a girl who’s got a lot less?

An online dating service is taking aim at the new trend of “bust-busters” by offering a way for guys to make the switch.“You can have more sex,” says Josh Zayas, CEO of Tinder, which offers a new option to match guys who’ve had sex, but only to women.“I don’t think that we have to be

The spreadsheets have the wrong number of columns

A spreadsheet that added columns for an ad campaign is confusing to use.The program created by an Ottawa-based company is called a cubicex printer, but it is actually an automated spreadsheet.The company that created it, DubiPrint, says it will help advertisers create customized spreadsheets for them.But the problem is, it’s not clear if the numbers

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