Israel’s latest anti-Semitic incitement: The Jerusalem post

The Israeli army is deploying more troops in the West Bank and Jerusalem to confront incitement by Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants and their supporters against Jews and Israel, the army said on Thursday.

The army said it has increased its deployment to counter the incitement in the northern West Bank city of Nablus and Jerusalem and the central West Bank village of Silwan.

The military said it had received orders from the Prime Minister’s Office to increase the number of soldiers and vehicles to deploy on the West bank and Jerusalem in the coming days.

It said it also had deployed troops to Silwan to protect Jews and Jewish homes.

Ahead of the incursion, Israeli officials accused Islamic Jihad of using social media to incite violence against Jews in the region.

The incitement comes as Israel has begun evacuating Jewish settlers from several of the occupied West Bank settlements, and has begun building a fence along its southern border with the Westbank.

A Jewish man holds a sign reading “Stop incitement, the occupation will not end” during a protest against the separation barrier that will be built on the Israeli side of the West Wall on November 26, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel.

(AFP photo by Areeb Daval)Israel’s incitement against Jews has intensified over the past year amid a wave of violence by Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian militant groups.

The government has also blamed Islamic Jihad for attacks on Israeli soldiers, settlers and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

But the incitements against Israel have not been widely condemned by the Israeli government, and there have been few incidents of attacks by Jewish settlers or Israelis on Jewish targets.

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