Why Apple’s new Photos app looks like a ‘turd’

Posted September 28, 2018 12:14:03Apple has unveiled a new photo app, Photos, that will allow you to add multiple columns of photos to your wall.

Instead of having a single photo or video on your home screen, you’ll now be able to have photos, videos and more grouped together on your wall, according to a new report from TechRadars.

Apple has announced Photos, a new version of the app that has the same interface as Apple’s Photos app, but it includes more of the functionality.

Apple says it will allow users to organize their photos into groups and then add photos and videos to them.

For instance, you can add multiple pictures to your group, like you can with an album.

Or you can put a photo with the words “My friends” on top of another photo.

Apple says that you can also add multiple videos to a group.

For instance, if you’re in a group of four people, you could have two videos.

Apple also has a new feature for adding photos to groups, which includes the ability to drag a photo from the app to a third party photo app.

You can also choose to add a caption to the photo to add some context.

If you have multiple videos, you may also want to take a screenshot.

This is where Apple has added a new button to the bottom of the Photos app that you will see when you select a video.

When you add a photo to a photo group, Apple says that it will automatically add the video as a video source for the group.

Apple does not say exactly how many videos will be added to a single group, but the company says that users can add up to five videos.

Apple said that it also added support for group photo albums.

Apple’s Photos, which has been around for a few years, is an extension of Apple’s iCloud Photo Library.

iCloud Photo Libraries are the digital images that Apple uses to manage and share photos across its various services.

Apple originally started releasing Photos for iOS 7.1, the fourth update to its mobile operating system, back in January of 2018.

The company then introduced Photos for iPad in November of 2018, with iOS 11 coming in January 2019.

Apple did not respond to questions about whether Photos for iPhone and iPad would continue to receive updates, but a spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the company does “not comment on rumors.”

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