Trump: I’m ‘totally committed’ to GOP, but ‘I’m not going to sit by and watch it’

Trump has a habit of making provocative statements during the presidential campaign, and one of his most incendiary statements came in February when he called Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and suggested she should be “taken out and shot in the head.”

Now, as he tries to build on his populist momentum and gain some traction with independents and moderates, Trump is saying he won’t support Warren, but he’s also suggesting that he could support the Massachusetts Democrat in the Senate if she runs for president.

“I’m totally committed to the Republican Party,” Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg Politics, which was published Sunday.

“If that’s possible, I will certainly do that. “

I don’t want to see another coronavosis in America. “

If that’s possible, I will certainly do that.

I don’t want to see another coronavosis in America.

I want to bring in somebody that will be able to take care of it and I want them to be a very strong president.”

The comment was seen by many Republicans as an attempt to shore up support among conservatives who are upset that Trump has repeatedly criticized Warren and the Warren-backed Elizabeth Warren for her support of the Affordable Care Act.

While he’s not currently endorsing Warren for president, Trump told Bloomberg Politics that if she ran he’d be “a fan.”

“She’s a wonderful woman, she’s a great person, she’ll do a great job for the country,” Trump told the publication.

“We’re going to be voting for her.

I would be a fan.”

Trump told Trump News Corp. he would “love to have her on our side.”

Trump also said he believes the Republican nominee would win the general election.

“Look, I’d love to have [Warren] on my side,” he said.

“Because I think it would be an absolute disaster for our country if we lose.”

He added that he would consider a third-party run if he were to become president, but “at the end of the day, I’ll be the Republican.”

“The only way you’re going see me get elected is if I get a third party run,” Trump added.

“So, that’s the only way I’m going to see that happen.”

A spokeswoman for Warren declined to comment to ABC News.

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