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CNN data visualization article The ad revenue generated by Google+ content and ad clicks are crucial to the business of a social network.

Google+ ad revenue accounts for $5 billion of the $6 billion revenue generated worldwide, according to research firm ComScore.

Google has tried to monetize these ads through social sharing, but there is a problem: While the social sharing features work great, they do not scale to the size of a global platform like Google+.

To create a scaleable social sharing platform, the company has developed a tool that allows advertisers to leverage social sharing to monetise content across their platforms.

The ad revenue that Google generates by showing the results of user interactions on its platform is enough to keep it alive, even when the search engine’s revenue model is changing.

The revenue generated from ad clicks is enough for Google+ to operate, according a new report from the tech blog VentureBeat.

While Google+ is not the only platform where advertisers can monetise their social media content, the AdMob platform has been the most successful, with a total of $7.5 billion in ad revenue, according the report.

AdMob is the world’s largest platform for ad-supported mobile apps.

While AdMob has a robust ad platform, there are many problems with how the platform works.

The AdMob team has tried numerous new tools to help monetise social media, but it is still not scalable for the scale of the social network itself.

AdMob’s social sharing has been a big hit for Google+, but it has been slow to grow, as it has failed to make much of an impact on Google+.

According to VentureBeat, the platform only made a $7 million profit in 2014.

While it does have some advantages over Google+ in the monetization space, AdMob’s business model does not scale.

It has no way of targeting users or monetizing the ads they see on Google+ and it has no ways of building a real audience.

That means Google+ will not be able to scale AdMob to scale, especially as the ad revenue from users’ interactions on AdMob goes up.

Google+ has tried building out its own revenue model, but that has not been as successful.

While Google+ has a large ad-serving budget and can generate revenue from paid search and other ad features, the revenue generated on Google+, is less than the AdNet revenue generated for the platform.

That is not surprising, as Google+ does not have a large advertising budget and does not build a real community around its platform.

For instance, the Google+ community is mostly made up of small businesses, which means the Google+, revenue generated is less valuable than the revenue that would be generated if it were all made up entirely of large advertisers.

Google also has a limited amount of ad revenue it can generate on Google Plus.

Its ad revenue is only around $2 billion, which is less money than the $9 billion that Google made on Facebook in 2014, according VentureBeat’s report.

It is unclear how much of that revenue is generated from Google+ users interacting on GooglePlus, and how much is generated through ads placed on Google’s other platforms.

Google’s business is dependent on the growth of Google+, which has been largely stagnant since the beginning of 2014.

Advertisers have found that their social networks are the only way to generate revenue, as the platform has no real audience to target users.

AdNet, Google’s social network that is not connected to Google+ by a social sharing app, also has limited revenue to make up for its lack of audience.

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