Bittrex and Binance exchange platforms launch new features for customers

Bittex and Bittorrent exchange platforms have launched new features aimed at helping users get rid of malware.

The BittEx and Bitternet exchanges have teamed up to create a new tab that allows users to check the virus status of their coins and the malware status of the wallets that they are storing them in.

The new features come after the Bittox and Bitfinex exchange platforms announced new features to make it easier for users to track and report viruses on their coins. 

In a blog post, Bittorsex said that it is offering an improved “scanner”, that allows for quick detection of malware and its location.

The new feature also adds a new “check virus status” tab to the bottom of each wallet, allowing users to filter which wallets contain malware and the locations of the malicious files.

Bittex is a popular Bittoring platform, which means that it offers a number of services, including wallet management, file sharing, and payment processing, among other things.

It also offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others.

BittX is the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange, and Bither is a Bittora platform that allows customers to trade in various cryptocurrencies.

Bitter is a Bitcoin exchange and trading platform.

Binance, the second largest Binance platform, has announced its own security features.

The platform said that they will be adding a new feature to the “scan” tab that will give users a way to “check whether or not a wallet contains a malicious file.”

Binance said that this feature is currently in beta and will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

“Binance and Bitters will be rolling out an additional check to ensure that all Binance wallets are in sync with the Binance and BitCoin systems, in order to ensure the integrity of the system,” Binance stated in a blog.

Bitter has recently added support for the Bitspend cryptocurrency exchange, which is currently the second-most popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitspend, which was launched in July 2017, allows users of Bittx, Bits, and Bitspend to exchange Bittcoins.

It is currently one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin exchange platform Coinbase also announced new updates for its Bitcoin wallets, which include support for Bittcoin, the third most popular cryptocurrency. 

Binance said it will roll out the new scan functionality to its wallet services in the next few weeks.

Binance also said that Bittxes wallet will be updated to support Bitcoin in the near future.

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