A new database that analyzes the genomes of microbes to find new diseases and treatments has been published in Nature. Researchers from the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology published the

in the journal Nature Genetics.

The new tool is called eigen decomposition, and the team has named it after the eigenfunction, the area where information about an object is split off and replaced with the same value for each object.

Eigen decompositions are often used in the detection of mutations in DNA, and are used to estimate the rate of mutations, the researchers said.

“For a large body of knowledge about genomes, eigenfunctions are a powerful tool for mapping genomes, and we hope that their applications in this case will be fruitful,” said researcher Alex Breslow, a professor of genetics at Oxford.

According to the Oxford team, eigens can be split up into five different kinds: functional, epistatic, genetic, ecological, and evolutionary.

A functional eigen can be expressed as a structure in DNA that provides information about the sequence of the gene; a functional epistatic eigen is a structure that tells whether or not the gene has been correctly sequenced; a genetic eigen tells whether the gene codes for proteins, or genes, that encode proteins.

An ecological eigen has a structure to tell whether the genome is part of an ecosystem; a metabolic eigen gives information about how organisms use energy; and an evolutionary eigen indicates whether organisms evolve to exploit a particular resource.

To analyze a genome, the scientists use the genetic structure to map genes, protein sequences, and other information about a gene.

If a gene has an eigen, the gene can be compared to other genes, and if it has a functional eigent, then it can be assigned to a gene or other organisms.

For example, if you take the gene GATGAAACGACG, and look at the sequence GATGAACGAAGGATGAT, you can tell that it is a functional gene.

The researchers used this information to assign a gene with a functional, eiger-like structure to the bacterial E-galactosyltransferase, or GATGTAAAGGCGGAT.

Because it has been identified as a common gene, E-Galactosystatin, the enzyme that makes the enzyme, can be used to look at other genes that are involved in the production of proteins and to identify the eigenes that make up them.

Once the genetic information is collected, the team can analyze the genomes and analyze how the genetic material changes as the genes are altered.

This is not the first time scientists have used DNA as a tool to search for genetic changes.

In the past, geneticists have used proteins from bacteria to map the genome of a virus.

Scientists have also used DNA to map and map genes in organisms. 

Eigen decomposing was one of the first techniques to map gene functions using DNA, which is a useful tool because it gives scientists a much richer picture of the genes and their function.

The new tool will allow the researchers to explore the function of other gene functions, such as protein structure, more fully, they said.

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