Obama: ‘We can’t be a banana republic’

By John Wagner and David NakamuraPresident Obama is taking a tough stance on immigration and immigration reform, and that includes a call for the construction of a border wall.

In an interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Obama said that he doesn’t want the country to become a banana Republic where undocumented immigrants can come in and “buy the goods and services of American companies.”

“We’re not going to be a country where people come in from countries that don’t treat them fairly, and they can’t work, they can no longer be employed, they’re not entitled to live in the country,” he said.

“We’ve got to get a wall built, we’ve got got to have more immigration controls, we have to make sure that people that are here legally aren’t coming in illegally,” he continued.

Obama added that the administration will not accept the border as a place to settle.

“They’re not getting a fair deal.

They’re not doing the job of making the American people proud of who they are,” Obama said.

“So I am determined to get immigration back under control and to ensure that when this happens, we will be able to get people out.”

In an exclusive interview, Ramos told Ramos that Obama would take a hard stance on the immigration issue, and he will make a “strong statement” in favor of his administration’s position.

Obama told Ramos the administration was working on a plan to provide a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants.

The plan would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship and apply for a work permit for themselves, Obama told Ramos.

“You can’t make that case to the American public,” Obama told the Univision host.

“You can talk about the plight of our undocumented immigrants.

But we are going to put the American worker first.”

Obama is the latest in a long line of presidents to make a tough call on immigration, including Republican Mitt Romney, who has been a harsh critic of the Obama administration’s approach to immigration reform.

In fact, Obama has been so outspoken on immigration reform that he is often referred to as a “banana republic.”

He also said that Republicans would never win a presidential election without the Latino vote.

But Ramos said Obama’s immigration stance has changed since he was elected.

“The president has changed,” Ramos said.

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