When Nynke Adi gets ‘worse’ news headlines, she has no choice but to ‘keep fighting’

Nynkke Adilati was one of the most successful Nigerian-American musicians of the late ’90s, and now she’s finding herself on a downward spiral.

On February 5, Adilatis first tweet came out of the blue.

“Worst news story ever.

The world is on fire.

I’m the worst news writer ever.

I can’t get enough,” she tweeted.

In a few hours, her Twitter feed was littered with stories about the “worst news ever” that were in fact the “worse news stories ever.”

But what really caught her attention was the first tweet, which read: “The worst news story I’ve ever written.

This is the worst.

I could never write this again.

The worst.

I could never do this to myself.

This has happened to me, and I can only imagine how it feels to be a journalist.

A week later, she deleted her tweets, saying she’d “made some mistakes,” and adding that she’d learned her lesson.

She’s since apologized and said she would never again write an article like this again, saying it had “emboldened” her “despicable actions.”

Adilatis mother, Mariam Njie, told News24 that Adilatu is now receiving “a lot of bad news” on social media.

Njie said her daughter has become “so angry” with the “toxic” media environment in Nigeria, and is even receiving death threats.”

She just keeps telling herself that she’s not a bad person, she’s just a journalist and I’m not doing anything wrong,” Njies mother said.

Adilati’s mother said her son was in tears while she was speaking to News24, and was “angry” that his words had caused “the world to be on fire.”

She said her mother had recently “had a miscarriage,” and Adilatis father had recently left Nigeria, leaving Njiede to care for her two sons.

After her mother’s interview with News24 on Monday, Adilets mother posted a message on Facebook, calling her daughter “a brave woman who has sacrificed so much for us” and expressing her “disappointment and sadness” that her daughter was “not receiving any positive media coverage.”

Najie said Adilates father was “a great man” and that his death had “changed her life forever.””

She’s a fighter. “

She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve met.

She’s a fighter.

She was never afraid of anything.

She never felt afraid of herself.

She knew what she wanted to do and she was always doing it.”

Her mother added that Adilels “passion and spirit” will always remain with her.

“I have never seen Nnke Adilo go through anything so much pain and suffering,” she said.

“Her life will always be in her hands.”

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