New research says you shouldn’t put your laptop in a car’s trunk and the car will start to overheat

Column Adding column vfpl=1 column,xlsx added column,added column,vfp source ABC News (AU) title New Research Says You Shouldn’t Put Your Laptop In A Car’s Trunk and the Car Will Start to Overheat article A new study has found that when you put your device in a trunk, it could end up overheating more quickly than when it’s in a vehicle’s boot.

The study, by researchers from the University of Bristol and the University College London, also found that while laptops are generally safe, they do come with their own set of risks.

The researchers compared the temperature of a laptop and the bootloader of a car. “

But, it is important to note that while there is no evidence to suggest that laptops are more prone to overheating than phones or other tablets, this is not the case when your device is in the boot of the car.”

The researchers compared the temperature of a laptop and the bootloader of a car.

The bootloader was installed on a laptop’s hard drive and was then used to boot it into a Windows computer.

The researchers also compared the temperatures of a smartphone and a computer.

As well as the thermal effects, the researchers also looked at the likelihood of overheating the device.

According to the researchers, the laptop’s bootloader contains an additional piece of information that determines the likelihood that the device will start overheating.

While this data could help improve laptop warranties, the results also show that if your device starts to over heat, it should be removed from the car and the device should be checked by the owner.

Professor Bylssma said: “[The study] shows that if you place your laptop into a trunk and leave it there for a period of time, it will eventually overheat.”

He said the results suggest that if an owner of a device is worried about overheating, the best course of action is to leave it in the car while the owner is in an unfamiliar location.

A spokesman for Microsoft said the company would continue to work with researchers to develop software that would improve the safety of laptops.

He added: “We have always encouraged our partners to help protect their users from harmful products and have a long-standing partnership with the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to develop this research.

But, we also encourage all users to keep their devices secure and not to leave them unattended while travelling, especially when travelling alone.

We want our customers to feel safe, so we are working with researchers at the University and the UK Department for Transport to ensure that our laptops are safe and have the highest possible level of protection.”


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