How the Koch brothers are pushing the GOP’s biggest policy changes

The Kochs have been quietly pushing their own version of the GOP tax overhaul for years, a policy that is now getting more attention as the party’s next presidential hopefuls begin to debate the plan.

As the Kochs push their tax plan through Congress, the Koch Brothers have been pushing their political action committee to expand its focus beyond the GOP.

KochPAC, as the group is known, is one of the most active Republican groups in the U.S. and is now focusing on an even more controversial element of the tax bill.

KochPAC has been working on a bill that would allow businesses and individual taxpayers to deduct up to $25,000 of their state and local taxes from their federal taxes, but has also been working to pass a tax reform package that would also help businesses and individuals.

As of Friday, the group was the third-largest political group in the country, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

The plan would also give the Koch family a tax cut in exchange for a repeal of a $5.3 trillion federal tax code that many of them have said would be “out of whack.”

That $5 billion, according a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, would amount to a “small tax cut for the Koch brother’s” family.

It also would “cut corporate tax rates by nearly 20 percent,” according to a statement from the group.

The bill passed the House of Representatives last week by a vote of 221-201.

It now goes to the Senate, where it is likely to face strong opposition from Republicans who oppose the plan as it stands.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch Orrin Grant HatchGOP senator calls on Trump to release his tax returns How Flake came to dominate the GOP Senate Arizona primary GOP senator on Kavanaugh: ‘I’m not sure I trust him’ MORE (R-Utah) said Friday that he has “no doubt” that the GOP plan would be a “death tax” for Americans.

“I know we can get rid of the death tax, I know we could get rid, but I know there’s going to be some impact, and it’s going do that for a lot of folks,” Hatch told reporters on Capitol Hill.

The Senate bill is expected to be released early next week, and a Senate Republican aide said the committee is expected “to be on it as early as tomorrow” when it wraps up.

The Kochs’ influence in Congress is growing as the political world is grappling with how to deal with the country’s burgeoning opioid epidemic, with the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) pushing to cut the opioid prescription drug market, and the Koch network trying to limit the impact of new regulations in a move that has been met with consternation among Republicans.

“It’s a little bit of an issue for us because it’s not just about the individual taxpayers and businesses that they’re trying to help,” said David McIntosh, a senior adviser to the Koch group, adding that the Koch political action group’s “campaign to limit regulation and cut costs is part of a larger strategy to increase their influence.”

The Koch group is also working to advance an effort to pass the so-called “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act, which would replace the Affordable Healthcare Act with a government-run version of Medicare, and could include provisions to raise taxes on some people.

“That’s going on,” said Steve Davis, a Republican strategist who advised the Koch groups in 2012.

“We’ll see if the Koch lobby can make that happen.

It’s an issue that’s going nowhere.

And if they can get it through, that would be great.”

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