“If we’re not going to stop it, we’ll have to put up with it”

The Irish Independent article “If I can’t have a drink in a bar, I don’t want to drink in one,” said Mark Kelly.

“If you’re not in a relationship, don’t go out.

I’m going to go out and get a drink myself.”

The 28-year-old has been out drinking in Dublin for a month.

But after the tragic death of his mother and a series of serious injuries, he is having second thoughts.

“If we are not going and I have to be with someone, it’s because they are not there,” he said.

“I’m having second thought about it.

You can’t make any assumptions.

I just want to get my drink, get my mates and go.”

On his first night out he had a drink and a beer, but then a fight broke out with his friends.

“We got thrown around and there was some bloody blood.

I was on the floor and it was bloody hot,” he added.”

We went out to have a few beers, got a bit drunk and then had a fight.

The first thing that hit me was, ‘Who’s going to protect me?’

I’m an Irish guy.

I’ve been through a lot.”

But Mr Kelly said that as a gay man, he has always been able to fight for the rights of gay people.

It was the first time I had a confrontation with a group of people and I didn’t expect it, he said, adding that if he was gay and had a problem with that he would talk to his partner about it with him.

“He’s my brother.

I love him very much,” he told the Irish Independent.”

My family is Catholic and we’ve been fighting for equality for a long time, so I don�t really think I could be that hard for them.”

What they did to me, I understand.

I know they could have hurt me and they did, but it’s not fair.

“It is a common feeling in Ireland, where many people believe gay people have been unfairly treated by the law.

Gay people face discrimination in the workplace, housing and education.

In Dublin, there is a strong movement in the LGBT community to push for legalisation, as well as a number of successful legal cases against homophobia.

But the law is not always the solution.

When it comes to drinking, people often blame it on alcohol, rather than their partner.

One man said the drink was the only thing he could think of to stop him drinking.

I was so angry, he added, before deciding to leave the bar.”

The problem is that if I’m not drinking, I’m just not going out.

If I’m doing that, then I’m in trouble, so it’s the only reason why I’m drinking.

I would love to have had another drink, but I don`t know what else I could have done.

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