The most interesting ad-review news of the week

A week before Google unveiled its new ad-targeting algorithm, we got the first glimpse at its “ad review” system.

The new system allows marketers to rate ad-like ads based on the quality of the content they offer, whether it’s the quality or the quantity of reviews.

Google’s new system doesn’t just provide ad review, but it also lets you track how much people actually liked or disliked the ads.

Advertisers can then decide whether or not to remove ads, and even the amount they should pay to remove them.

This week, the company released the first data on this system, and the results are interesting.

AdReviews, which is Google’s advertising network, is the most popular metric used to track whether or a site gets enough clicks.

The system has been widely criticized for making it harder for advertisers to improve their ads.

The number of clicks that users see on ads has also been a major complaint.

This data shows that ads are still getting the most clicks and most exposure, even though users are complaining about the quality and quantity of ads.

We asked AdReview’s CEO, Scott Thompson, about the numbers.

AdWords AdWords was launched with AdReview in June.

Google says that AdReview will be “available across the next few months” for advertisers and will eventually be integrated into AdWords.

Ad reviews, like other ad tracking, will be available across the AdWords platform.

“AdReview will help advertisers better understand how people are using their ads and identify how to make ads more effective,” Google said in a blog post announcing the new system.

What’s different about AdReview?

It will not only give advertisers a way to track how people use their ads, but also how they use them.

It will be easier to see if a site has been unfairly targeted.

Adreview’s algorithms will also help advertisers to make better decisions about which ads to remove.

“The more time that people spend on your site, the more they’re likely to make negative decisions about your ads, so we want to make sure that our algorithm can tell us what’s going on in that time,” Thompson said.

How much of the AdReview data will be public?

“We’re not talking about the full data set, but the information that we have is basically aggregated,” Thompson told Ars.

The data will include the total number of times users have clicked on a given ad, as well as the total amount of time they spent on the site.

“We can tell how many times people click on each ad based on how long they’ve spent on that ad, but we can’t tell how much time people spent on each specific ad,” he said.

The amount of data that is available will depend on how quickly it is processed.

“That data will probably be in the form of a report that Google will send to us, or it will be aggregated into a report on the aggregate,” Thompson explained.

What else will be shared about the new AdReview system?

Google said that the Ad Review data will not be used to determine what ads to target or how much advertising a site should pay for.

“There will not actually be any specific information that will show you what you should do with a particular ad, so if you’re a publisher and you want to build an ad that is better for your audience, you won’t be able to do that,” Thompson added.

Google will share this data with advertisers as well, and will use the information to improve its ad-blocking and other ad-buying algorithms.

AdSense AdSense is one of the oldest ad-tracking networks on the web.

It was launched in 1996 and remains the only ad-selling platform that is still actively using AdReview to target ads.

Like AdReview, AdSense will be publicly available for the first time this week.

But AdSense’s data will only be available to advertisers once the new algorithm is fully rolled out.

“It’s a little bit different,” Thompson noted.

“As soon as we have the full AdReview and AdSense data, we’ll be able share that with our advertisers, and we’ll share the AdSense aggregated data with our advertiser partners.”

What’s the big deal about this?

Advertiser data can be useful for advertisers, but what exactly does that data mean?

AdReview is the system that makes it possible for advertisers not only to understand how their ads are being used, but how they’re being used by their audience.

This could help them determine which ads work best for their audience, and which ones don’t.

“If you have a bunch of ads that are very popular with the people who click on them, then it’s a very easy way to identify whether or that’s a good ad for them,” Thompson explains.

“But if the ads are very unpopular, then you’re probably not going to have that kind of data to tell you.”

The new AdWords system will give advertisers more insight into the behavior of their users.

If a user is

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