Adverts on the web are getting smaller but they’re getting more aggressive

The ad market is being disrupted by new technologies and new business models, according to a report by market research firm AdRoll.

AdRoll said it expects a 50% increase in online ad revenue over the next year.

That’s due to an increase in ad sizes and ad networks, including mobile ad networks and native mobile networks, as well as digital ad delivery platforms such as adMob, AdSense, Google AdSense and others.

But there is a catch: ad sales are expected to continue growing.

According to the report, ad sales grew by 9% between January and June this year compared to the same period last year.

“There are three major shifts in the ad marketplace,” AdRoll’s head of global research, Tom Miller, said.

“The first is the growth of ad inventory.

The second is the rise of mobile advertising and the third is the new way in which we sell ads.”

He said these new businesses were “moving from one ad to the next”.

AdRoll’s report is based on data from more than 2,500 advertising platforms, and ad network data from 3,200, using data from Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The report suggests that traditional advertising is losing its grip on the ad market.

“In some ways, traditional advertising has failed,” Mr Miller said.

“We’ve seen the growth in mobile, but the same thing has happened to traditional ads on desktop platforms, which are still being sold as the ultimate solution for all of our ad needs.”

So it’s clear that the digital ad industry has been the driver behind this.

“AdRoll analysed the total spend and number of impressions in a given month, and calculated that, for the first time, mobile advertising accounted for more than 40% of total spending in Australia.”

We’re seeing more and more adverts coming from mobile and mobile is driving a lot of growth,” Mr Wilson said.

Advertising is changing quickly, with the advent of social media and the internet of things, and the emergence of mobile ad platforms.”

People are using these devices to consume content on their smartphones and tablets,” Mr Cameron said.

The number of mobile users in Australia is set to double from today to 2020, while there are more than one billion devices connected to the internet.

This is all driven by people buying and using more media content and devices, he said.

And although mobile ad spending is growing at a faster pace than traditional ad spending, it’s still a relatively small part of the overall ad market for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Advertisers are using new ad technologies such as video, augmented reality, video ads, social media, social and mobile ads, to target their audiences.

AdBlock is a mobile ad blocker that helps users block mobile ads and websites.

It’s also a data-driven ad blocker, and has been developed with the help of AdRoll, so that advertisers can analyse data on mobile and social media advertising.”

I think this is going to be the main driver of the growth, because of the fact that people are increasingly moving to social media,” Mr James said.


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