How to make sure your TV is up to date: 5 tips for keeping it updated

The best way to keep your TV up to snuff is to subscribe to TV Guide, the online guide that provides tips and tricks to keep it up to code, according to a report from Axios. 

You can also keep track of your TV’s recent and upcoming updates using our TV guide.

But how do you know when to subscribe and when not to?

Here are some tips on keeping your TV in top shape. 

When to subscribe If you’re subscribed to TV guide, it’s best to sign up for it when you’re in the prime time period. 

In the past, TV guide subscribers have to wait up to five weeks to be notified when new episodes are available, but it’s no longer the case. 

However, you can still subscribe to the service as early as two weeks prior to the end of your current season. 

To get notified, simply sign up to the app, select “Subscribe Now” at the top right of the screen, and follow the prompts. 

If you don’t receive notification in the first week, you’re not alone. 

The app will notify you that a new episode has been added and that you should sign up now. 

“When we update the app regularly, we update our app to reflect this and we update that automatically,” TV Guide’s spokesperson told The Verge. 

How to keep TV in shape If your TV isn’t up to codes, here are some easy ways to keep the TV in tip top shape:1. 

Dress in black or dark gray to protect it from the elements and bright light2. 

Wear bright clothing with reflective or reflective-glass panels to reflect off your television3. 

Keep a closet full of things that can be easily moved or opened up for easy cleaning4. 

Pack a sleeping bag and pillows under your TV5. 

Use an air purifier that can clean the air inside your television6. 

Remove old batteries7. 

Take breaks to take breaks in your living room or at a coffee shop. 

And don’t forget, the best way for your TV to stay in tip-top shape is to buy a subscription.

Sources: Axios,

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