Facebook adds additional columns for crossword

Facebook is adding additional columns to its crossword search to help users learn more about their search results, according to a report.

The addition comes as Facebook searches for “Crossword” on Google continue to be among the top results on the site.

Users are searching for “crossword” and other words that appear to be crosswords, according the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook’s crossword dictionary now has 5,906 entries, the WSJ reported.

Adding the columns allows users to see a larger set of the search results before they search, according a Facebook spokesperson.

The company has also said that crossword searches will be available in Facebook Messenger in the coming weeks.

The new additions to Facebook’s search bar include: – Columns on crossword searching that show which word(s) are used to conjure the question.

– Column that shows what the search term is for.

– A list of links to other resources.

– Links to other crossword-related websites.

The search bar can also be accessed by typing in a search phrase and clicking on the search box.

The Wall Street Times reported that Google and Bing were the two search engines that are showing the additional columns, while Microsoft is not adding them.

It’s not clear whether other search engines, such as Yahoo, are using the addition to their search engine results.

The Times reported on Tuesday that Google was also adding additional search options to its Bing search results.

Google has long struggled with the growing popularity of crossword puzzles.

The puzzle, which uses images of objects and phrases to help you solve a word or question, has been used on Facebook and other sites for decades.

Facebook has also been known to struggle with the popularity of the crossword puzzle.

Google, meanwhile, has added search options for crosswords and other word searches on its search results page.

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