The news you need to know for the week of November 2

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Read moreRead lessOne of the biggest storylines to watch in the Super Bowl is the return of the old adidas Super Bowl 50 jersey.

Thats not a big surprise considering the iconic Nike jersey has been worn by the likes of Peyton Manning, Steve Young and Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos.

A look at the old and new jerseys for the 2019 and 2020 Super Bowls:There’s a reason why the old jersey is still the most popular jersey of the past 50 years.

Nike says it was the first jersey that was designed to be worn with the classic white Nike Air Max 1 sneaker.

The old jersey also has a lot of great history.

The jersey was worn by legendary linebacker Barry Sanders, and it was one of the first jerseys to feature the Air Max One.

But now, that jersey is no longer as popular.

Nike has said that they will no longer be producing the old jerseys.

The new jerseys are made in the USA and feature more contrast, a bigger cut of jersey, and a new design.

The new jerseys will be available to buy at all Nike retailers on November 15.

The NFL says the new jerseys have a lighter feel than the old ones, and they have more contrast on the jersey, too.

Nike is the only major brand that still has the original jersey in the game.

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